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Inventory Search Tutorial

Inventory Search:

Scans the database for both Part Number & Description for a partial match.


If you are logged in as a customer and we have your part number on file, you can search our inventroy by your part number .

Last Entry:

Remembers the last number that you entered for quick retrieval.
Commonly used to apply a filter after the initial search.

Advanced Search:

The filters can be used alone or in any combination to narrow your search.

Part Number only will display all partial matches that contain the requested part number. Note: will not scan the description field.

By leaving the search field blank and choosing a Manufacturer you can view the complete database for that manufacturer or the In-Stock only items.

Add'l Info

Will display only if there is relevant information to help in the product selection. Click the image to enlarge.

Model Code

Will always display the Catalog Model Code, the Vendors' Part number and, if available, the Customer Part Number (The customer part number will only show if you are logged-in as a customer).


Will display information necessary for product selection.


Will display the inventory which is available for immediate shipment.
*Click the number available to see specific location of the inventory.
*Click 'Lead Time' or 'Need More' to view Current Factory Lead Times.


This field will add the quantity entered to your shopping cart by clicking 'Add to Cart' or 'Enter' key. If the quantity selected is greater than the inventory shown, a backorder will be created with a Factory Lead Time as shown.


The price displayed is a competitive price based on normal quantities. For customers with a large negotiated volume discount, your price will be calculated and displayed after you log on to the website.

Product Search Tutorial

This Product Search is a drill down through hundreds of product categories and thousands of SKUs to help locate a specific item without the need for a Vendor Name, Part Description or Part Number.

The final page of the drill down will display a listing of parts that have met your search requirements.  These items can be added to your shopping cart.  Catalog literature and data sheets associated with the products can be printed or downloaded for future reference.

Due to the large number of SKUs in our database and the numerous category choices, this section of our website is an ongoing project.  Every day we are adding categories and part numbers.  Please check back often to see what is new.

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